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Exclusive Product Lines

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GNC customers are loyal to the brand and know that they are chosing the most innovative products on the market. Click the arrows to view GNC's Exclusive Product Lines. 

Mega Men® and Women's Ultra Mega® Multivitamins
GNC Multivitamins are clinically studied, more potent and more targeted to specific needs than leading competitors. Each formula provides nutrients essential for a specific age, gender or lifestyle, plus key supplements customized for individual goals.

Triple Strength Fish Oils
Using only the highest-quality ingredients, our Triple Strength Fish Oils are sourced from wild, deep ocean fish and purified 5 times to ensure freshness and safety.

Pro Performance® AMP
The ultimate line of peak performance products. Pro Performance® AMP products use the latest science, technology and ingredients proven to enhance athletic performance.

Pro Performance®
Quality formulas developed by industry-leading scientists. GNC Pro Performance® proteins are scientifically designed to meet  specific performance needs in a variety of delicious flavors and convenient sizes.

Beyond Raw®
The Beyond Raw® line of products are the most advanced, premium, anabolic sports nutrition formulas available. They are designed to boost performance levels for dramatic results.

Total Lean™
Total Lean™ is a scientifically designed line of products that provide the tools needed to get leaner while giving a body the healthy level of nutrients it needs.

Preventive Nutrition®
GNC Preventive Nutrition products have been scientifically developed utilizing the expertise of the GNC Medical Advisory Board. Each premium formula is designed to be used in conjunction with your physician recommended healthcare regimen. Click here to meet the team behind these products.

Our clinically studied probiotics optimize digestive and immune health by restoring the body's balance of beneficial bacteria.



Adequate nutrition is essential for good health. GNC offers an amazing assortment of over 30 customized Vitapaks for its customers. There's one for every body!